Our Sensory Rooms are free of charge for S.E.N Childeren. Come join the fun!

The Sensory Rooms foster an atmosphere of relaxation for the children when they visit. This is a good principle for the children’s emotional health; it will give them a chance to explore their feeling and to become interested in their environment. This claiming environment is a place where parents/carers will have time to bond with their children, providing a restful and peaceful experience in today’s busy and sometimes stressful lifestyles.

A facility such as this has many benefits for children with special needs as it creates a stimulating and yet calming atmosphere and among other things can help to improve hand and eye co-ordination and develop language skills. The overactive child can be calmed, the inactive become interested. All young children can benefit from using a sensory room to develop fundamental sensory skills needed in later life.

We would love your support...


Life For A Kid are looking for companies or individuals to join the 100 club. For a £100 annual donation your logo/name will be placed on the wall in the Life For A Kid Health & Education centre and allow us to keep the rooms free of charge for the disabled children and parents to use on a Daily Basis. Contact for more info.

Sensory rooms are particularly useful for children with sight or hearing problems and have been proven to be extremely valuable to children with autism. This is a long term project to help disabled children develop and enjoy the experience for many years to come.

We hope that this project will reach out to approximately thirty children aged under 16 with special needs in the Hull area. Below is a list of benefits which the children will have from using our sensory rooms. This project will be sustained through both sponsorship and funding in the future from local businesses. We will run different charity events that will specifically be aimed towards funding for the Sensory Department, which may allow us to either buy more equipment or expand the department.