Life For a Kid have donated £1,000 to Austin Atkinson

Austin Atkinson, was diagnosed with Merosin Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy a rare form of the muscle wasting disease just before his 2nd birthday.

His sister Esther was 3 weeks old at the time.   There are currently no cures or treatments.

Austin is a bright, bubbly little boy who wins the hearts of everyone he meets.

He has never complained that he can’t run around with his friends or his little sister and has learnt at his young age to be positive about the things he can do.  It was when Austin recently trialled a sports wheelchair that we saw the new lease of life it gave him.  He was like a different boy speeding across the sports hall and we could immediately see how much easier it made it for him to join in.

Apart from the fact that Austin needs equipment for his personal safety he is keen to be able to live as independently as possible and learn this for the future through the use of equipment.

In addition to trialling a sports wheelchair, Austin has now outgrown his Swifty (buggy) wheelchair. We have walked for miles with the buggy on all surfaces and in comparison, to the standard NHS wheelchair provided, can allow us all to experience more than we would be able to otherwise.  Austin has also grown out of his car seat and Tomcat tricycle both important for safety and to enable him more accessibility and to have a better quality of life.

Austin’s condition only affects his muscles therefore mentally he is keen to join in as much as possible.
Children In Need

Austin despite is condition run 10k for Children in Need on an anti-Gravity treadmill in November 2016 and the fundraising was supported by Life For A kid.

Austin raised £1470 for children in Need.